1970s: Dogtown, a slum neighborhood of Los Angeles. Every morning Santa Monica’s children of blue-collar workers (many of them from broken homes) surfed the treacherous Pacific coastal waves and around the dangerous rusted pylons of the wharfs.

Around 11 o'clock the waves dropped and the surf turned off; so the boys looked for other things to do, and this "other" was skateboarding. They often enjoyed skating barefoot in large school parking lots or along the area's steep slopes. Sometimes they entered private properties where they found swimming pools emptied of water during periods of drought. With the advent of urethane wheels, the skaters started performing stunts which were similar to those of surfboards.


Their crouching style of skateboarding, fluid and agile in climbing vertical walls, was new and different from anything seen before. There was an outlaw flavor of surf guerrilla warfare in that skateboarding arena and the competition kept the tension and adrenaline high among the various groups.

The bad boys of Dogtown, young, wild spirits, with the wind that caressed the beautiful faces and blond hair, the breeze and the water that flowed rapidly under the tables, the West Coast gene that is still so cool today; Dogtown, the last great slum where its debris collided in the Pacific Ocean, to the rhythm of Rock music.


These are the elements that ignited our creative spark, that inspired this great design where “style is everything” and where each Scrap product becomes personal and sublime at the same time and through time. Scrap is raw aesthetic, is graffiti, has its roots in Punk culture and in the scent of sunburned leather on abandoned docks along the coast.

For all those who believe that freedom will always be the last thing they will be deprived of, Scrap is dedicated to those who feel like a California Lover.

"California Lovers, the wind is our destiny"